Do you manage my server?


Mammoth Cloud's VPS subscriptions default to an unmanaged service, which means that:

  1. We will ensure that the hardware, network, and control panel is available; and
  2. Customers are responsible for configuring, protecting and updating the operating system and installing and maintaining any applications that are used.

Our aim is to provide a fully automated system such that you should never need help from support: everything that we as the service provider is responsible for should be available to customers through our control panel, mPanel.

Compared to a fully managed service, the primary advantage of an unmanaged service is cost: an unmanaged service is typically significantly cheaper than managed.

Depending on your level (or your employees' level) of technical knowledge, the disadvantage is that you are entirely responsible for the configuration and ongoing management of your VPS.

While there is much written information available (both within our Help Centre and many, many other websites) the learning curve can be steep and unforgiving if you are not technically inclined.

If you're looking for ongoing server management, details and pricing of our VPS service management options are available here.

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