Mammoth Cloud or BinaryLane?


Mammoth Cloud is a hosting service catering to a variety of IT experience. Our base "self-managed" servers are for customers with at least semi-dedicated IT staff , but who may require troubleshooting assistance from time-to-time.

Mammoth Cloud customers can call our support line and/or email and ask for advice on solving whatever issue they may come across. Beyond that, we offer a variety of server management plans ( ) catering to customers with little-to-no in-house IT expertise.

For example, under our application management level ($100/month + server cost) Mammoth's staff will:
- install any required software on your VPS,
- migrate your website to your new VPS,
- apply system upgrades when appropriate,
- install and maintain appropriate anti-virus, intrusion-detection, and firewalling, and
- monitor the server for outages 24/7

By contrast, BinaryLane is "infrastructure as a service", meaning it includes zero technical assistance and thus is only suitable for IT professionals and enthusiasts who are able to both operate a server day-to-day and troubleshoot any problems they may encounter. In other words, this is the cloud equivalent of going to your local computer wholesaler and buying a server. BinaryLane does not have a phone number and support is limited to billing and account enquiries, and the infrastructure layer.

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