Add a user account and grant remote desktop access


Proceed through the following steps to create a new user account on Windows Server and grant it remote desktop access

  1. Log into your server as an Administrator, and click the Windows logo on the bottom left of the screen
  2. Start typing 'computer management' and click Computer Management when the search results are displayed
  3. On the Computer Management window, click Local Users and Groups
  4. Right-click Users then select New User
  5. Enter the details of the new user account, adjusting any options as appropriate, click Create. (close the New User window if it remains open)
  6. Open Groups in the Local Users and Groups section of the Computer Management window
  7. Double-click Remote Desktop Users then click Add
  8. Enter the newly created account username in the bottom field and click OK
  9. Click OK again on the next window.

The user can now log in with the new account using a remote desktop client.

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