Remote Desktop Licensing Overview


This article provides basic information regarding remote desktop licensing on Mammoth Cloud servers.


If you have purchased additional Remote Desktop user licenses with your Mammoth Cloud Windows server, Mammoth staff will require an administrator level account on the server to manage remote desktop licence key packs, and install remote desktop services as necessary.
Please ensure all Windows updates have been installed, and the server rebooted as necessary. If the server requires installation of remote desktop services, the server may be rebooted multiple times as part of the installation process.


Important note: if you need Per-User RD CALs, and you're using Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022, the RD Licensing server must be a member of an Active Directory domain. This is a requirement for the RD Licensing server to issue Per-User RD CALs.


The reason behind this requirement is that Per-User licenses are associated with a user account in Active Directory. The licensing server uses Active Directory to keep track of which users have been issued a license.


We can install the license in per-device mode if you do not have an Active Directory environment set up on the server.


If you are ready to proceed, please refer to the following article for instructions on how to create an administrator level account for Mammoth Cloud staff - Create an Administrator account for Mammoth Cloud RD license management


Important Note: Should you opt for a self-managed Mammoth Cloud server, please note that our support team will not access your server for administrative, troubleshooting, or any other activities. This also includes not assisting with issues related to distributing licenses to client users or devices after successful installation. The only exception is for the exclusive management of remote desktop license key packs that you've purchased from Mammoth Cloud.


If you need some guidance on the number of remote desktop user licenses your server needs, please read - How many remote desktop licenses are needed?


If you'd like guidance on the amount of the resources your server will need to support concurrent remote desktop users with optimal performance, please read - Recommended server resources for concurrent Remote Desktop users


If Mammoth Cloud staff have installed a remote desktop license key pack on your server, and you need to add user accounts and grant your users remote desktop access, please refer to our guide -
Add a user account and grant remote desktop access
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