Move a Linux VPS to another location


If you have an existing Mammoth Cloud Linux server, but would prefer to run it from another location, you can do so using the cloning process outlined in the following steps:


  1. Login to mPanel and go to the "Add Server" page to purchase a new VPS in the desired location, and select the same operating system and configuration as your existing server.
  2. Shut down your existing VPS using the "poweroff" command over SSH
  3. After selecting your existing server in mPanel, go to the Backups & ISOs area and create a new temporary backup
  4. Once the new temporary backup has been created, select the new backup and choose "Clone from Selected"
  5. Select your new server as the destination and wait for restore to complete
  6. Go to the management dashboard in mPanel for your new server
  7. Reboot your new server to activate its new network configuration
  8. Confirm the new server is working, and if necessary update your DNS records
  9. Cancel the old server
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