IP Failover


Customers with two or more VPS can implement redundancy solutions using IP failover. On Linux, this utilises software such as heartbeat and keepalived.

There is no additional charge for utilizing IP failover beyond the requirement of having a second VPS.

Setting up IP failover has two components: performing the necessary setup within mPanel, and then configuring your VPS operating systems to perform the failover.

To setup failover within mPanel for your two VPS - for examples sake, vps1.example.org and vps2.example.org - start by logging into mPanel and then click the "Manage" button for vps1. Next, click 'Change Plan' and add a second IP address to this VPS.

When the change is complete, click 'VPS List' and then "Manage" for vps2. Now, from the 'Manage' menu access 'IP Failover'. You will see a list of potentially "floating" IPs. Simply check the box to specify you want to allow the secondary IP to float between vps1 and vps2, and then restart your VPS.

At this point you can now login to your VPS operating system and configure your failover solution of choice.

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