Help, my server is not booting / I cannot connect to it!


If your server becomes inaccessible, your first step should be to login to our control panel to confirm the VPS is running. If it is, you should first try to reboot it - and if that fails, utilise the power cycle feature.

If power cycling fails, then the next step will be to utilise the rescue console available within the control panel to determine why the server is not accessible on the network. The VNC rescue mode is akin to using a screen, keyboard and mouse plugged into your VPS. This allows you to view and interact with the VPS even when it cannot boot.

If you are unable to solve the problem with the rescue mode, we are able to offer system administration at an hourly rate. Alternatively, if you do not require the data on your VPS you may choose to simply reinstall the operating system via the control panel.

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