Adding "mammoth" account to WHM for service management


  • Login to WHM as root
  • Select "Create a New Account" under "Account Functions"
    1. Enter domain as ""
    2. Enter username as "mammoth"
    3. Enter password as supplied by our support staff
    4. Enter email as ""

    5. Under Package, use the defaults - unlimited everything is fine.
    6. Under Reseller, check both boxes
    7. Click Create
  • Select "Reseller Center" under "Resellers"
    1. Under "Reseller Modifications" make sure "mammoth" account is selected.
    2. Click "Edit Privileges/Nameservers"
    3. At the bottom of the page under "Root Access", tick "All Features"
    4. Click "Save all Settings"
  • Select "Manage Wheel Group Users" under "Security Center".
    1. Select user "mammoth" from the list.
    2. Click "Add to Group"
  • Login to VPS via SSH as root, then give mammoth user account sudo access:

    usermod -aG admin mammoth
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