Adding "mammoth" account to WHM for service management


  • Login to WHM as root
  • Select "Create a New Account" under "Account Functions"
    1. Enter domain as ""
    2. Enter username as "mammoth"
    3. Enter password as supplied by our support staff
    4. Enter email as "[email protected]"

    5. Under Package, use the defaults - unlimited everything is fine.
    6. Under Reseller, check both boxes
    7. Click Create
  • Select "Reseller Center" under "Resellers"
    1. Under "Reseller Modifications" make sure "mammoth" account is selected.
    2. Click "Edit Privileges/Nameservers"
    3. At the bottom of the page under "Root Access", tick "All Features"
    4. Click "Save all Settings"
  • Select "Manage Wheel Group Users" under "Security Center".
    1. Select user "mammoth" from the list.
    2. Click "Add to Group"
  • Login to VPS via SSH as root, then give mammoth user account sudo access:

    usermod -aG admin mammoth
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